1. The dollar stores had a bunch of “chenille stems” (back in the day they were just called pipe cleaners) for sale. So we bought a package, because I had momentary amnesia and the pipe cleaner situation of last year fell out of my head. Let’s just say the results weren’t all that pretty, though there was no blood involved. So we’ve just been making wimpy sculptures these past few days. Then I got the brilliant idea to google ‘pipe cleaner projects’ and rediscovered that About.com is my friend. So today we will be making flowered fairy crowns. Shhh! I haven’t told the girls yet. I’ve just been making flowers while the various online things I read have been loading.

2. Remember How to Host a Murder? If not, the brief synopsis is that you get a group of friends together, assign each of them a character, dress from the decade that the murder is set in, then while eating dinner, figure out who murdered the supposed ‘host.’ It’s a lot of fun and I participated in quite a few murder parties in college. (It’s occurring to me just how long ago that was. Yikes.) Anyway, I’m too cheap to buy one, so I thought I’d throw my own together. Last time I did that, I was accused of making the murderer too hard to uncover. I’m trying to avoid that this time, though it’s not easy. Anyway, the idea was sparked by remembering Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, so there will be a time-travel device involved, as well as people from different centuries. It’s gonna be fun! And if I can, I’m going to throw it together in the next week or two. Because I’m crazy like that.

3. My neighbor is moving out because he’s renting a house in a different part of town. The biggest attraction? It has a yard. I cannot convey how unutterably jealous I am.

4. Somebody’s diaper stinks, but she’s also enthusiastically singing along with the Bob the Builder theme song. I can wait 30 seconds without fainting, right?

5. It does help that she says “Thank you, Momma,” every time I change her diaper. If only I could get her potty-trained. We’re working on it!

6. I can’t listen to talk about global warming when it’s only supposed to hit 88 degree Farenheit today. 88! This is June! In Arizona! This is UNREAL! But I love it.

7. The pipe cleaner flowers are looking more like mutant butterflies at the moment. Not that the kids will care.

8. I’ve been reading the Home Repair is Homicide mystery series, by Sarah Graves. It’s a lot of fun and I highly recommend it.

9. I’m avoiding doing my dishes. Have been for two days. ‘Bout time I took care of that, I think.