Things I would rather do than sew:
1. Read a book.  Any book.
2. Write a new book. (I am already working on this.)
3. Surf the interwebs.
4. Curl up on the couch and be miserable, watching mindless shows (the kids passed their cold on to me).
5. Design a Team Jacob t-shirt (we’re almost done!)
6. Think about cleaning the random clutter that’s accumulated in various nesting places in my living room/office/sewing room.
7. Write this post.
So, of course, I cut out two more things to sew yesterday. I’m a smart one, I am.

The book I am reading currently is the updated edition of John Holt’s Teach Your Own. I’m looking into homeschooling because I really don’t think I’m ready to throw KidCelt to the wolves yet. Also, I’ve always been fond of the idea of homeschooling. The Hub’s aunt homeschooled all her kids, who have turned out fantastically, and she let me in on a secret–it’s easy. You just include the kids in the things you do all day and be a resource for them when they want to investigate something. According to the book, they’ll start off being really interested in the things you’re investigating. I’ve always wanted to learn how to work an abacus, so I think we’ll start there. She’s already reading, so yay for that. We’re also going to look into horses–KidCelt asked to get a book on them.
The best part is, I *like* knowing things, and so I like to investigate them until I understand them. That’s what John Holt says you’re supposed to allow the kids to do. Easy enough, since they’re natural investigators. The hard part will be *not* teaching them. I’m pretty didactic by nature. *shrug* I can learn new things too.

My throat hurts.

We were supposed to go on a ward campout this weekend, but I don’t think we’re going to go. KidCelt’s not completely healed, and now that I’ve got it (TMI alert: And I’m on my period), it just seems like too much work. But to escape the heat…that would be nice. But a new sleeping situation for the kids–they’d never fall asleep. And then they’d be cranky the next day. Plus, the state’s under a fire warning–no open flames allowed. What fun is camping out if you don’t have a campfire, I ask you? So I think we’re not going. Maybe we can escape up to my stepmom’s family’s cabin sometime this summer. Maybe. She has a huge family and they all want to use it.

The Hub is still looking for a job, but at least he knows exactly what he wants to do: grief and end-of-life counseling, i.e. hospice work. And he’s got some really good leads here, so there’s that. We want to go to Texas, to be closer to his family and enjoy better weather, but if it’s easier for him to find a job here, then so be it. I can accept that and still hate the heat. And maybe if we can move into a house, then his family would stay longer when they come to visit. That would be nice.

HOWEVER, if he can’t find a job here in the next few weeks, then we’re packing it in and going to Texas. End of story. Stay tuned!

KidCelt wants me to read to her. I have NO VOICE. Somehow, that doesn’t translate in the four-year-old mind to “Momma can’t read to you right now.”

I have a lot of beads I’ve collected over the past couple of years, and I’m itching to make something beautiful with them. I just don’t know what. Maybe something to hang on a wall?

TMI ALERT: ToddlerCelt is actually considering the idea of potty-training. We’ve even gotten her to poop in the potty this week–major progress. But it was only the once. Ah well. KidCelt stays dry all night, so there’s that–no more Pull Ups to buy for a while. [/TMI]

Someone got me the “Enchanting Orchid” lotion from Bath and Body Works. It smells lovely in the bottle, but on me, it kind of smells like something an old lady would wear. Unfortunate. At least it’s a small bottle. And then I’ll go back to my Green Tea and Cucumber lotion. Yum!

I should send out queries soon on that novel I finished…two months ago. I’m being such a chicken. Well, and waiting to see what happens with the job situation.

I should quit ignoring KidCelt now. Plus option #4 is really calling to me.