I know, I know, I haven’t updated in ages. I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY, PEOPLE! So what if I consider myself a writer? I can’t be interesting all the time, can I?

Well, in a vague attempt to be interesting, I’ll try my hand at Thirteen Random Things. Hang on to your seats. This is going to be a wild ride.

1. The Hub graduates in two weeks. He’s also looking for a job. Ergo, he’s stressed out, which leads to me being stressed out.

2. Food and fuel prices are going up. Ain’t that exciting? Time to build up the ol’ food storage.

3. In an effort to *not* think about things like graduation and the rapid decline of THE ENTIRE WORLD, I’ve been burying myself in books. My little family was not pleased about this, but they survived.

4. What absorbed my attention so completely? The Samaria books and the Twelve Houses books by Sharon Shinn. She’s an excellent world builder–I loved her fantastic, epic takes on human mutations and political relations. Oh man. That doesn’t even begin to describe it. You’ll just have to read them for yourself.
(Warning to the more conservative reader: As the MPAA would put it, there are some adult situations in both series, more so in The Twelve Houses, so don’t be handin’ off the books blithely to the next random preteen you see.)

5. The first sentence of the first book in the Samaria series, Archangel, is fantastic: “The angel Gabriel went to the oracle on Mount Sinai, looking for a wife.” Someday I want to write an attention-grabbing first sentence like that.

6. Got me some plans to sew up a storm in the next month. I may post pictures with A-line skirts, palazzo pants, and empire waisted blousy blouses soon. And some of them will be pink!

7. I wish I completely understood fashion, sometimes. I know what works for me, sort of, and what definitely doesn’t work on others, but there seems to be a large swath of people wearing mediocre clothing that neither uglifies nor flatters them, but is just there. I may fall into that swath, in spite of the storm of sewing that I am brewing. *headdesk* I just want to be comfortable in my clothes, people!

8. You know what I want? This is going to sound weird, but go with me: a Stevie Nicks style dress. Sort of. I can’t find a good picture, so make do with my description: flowing sleeves, flowing long skirt, structured bodice. Phoebe wears one to the New Years’ Eve party where she says goodbye to Max on Friends. Dharma’s mom wears one to Dharma’s “real” wedding on Dharma and Greg. I watch too much TV. But it’s a cool dress!

9. So I finished the first novel I was working on. I think I like it. I’ve written a query letter to start shopping for agents. Searching for agents. Something like that. Haven’t sent it out yet. I have enough stress right now.

10. Started working on my second novel, just like Miss Snark says to. (She’s very Google-able. You can find her–lit agent writes on breaking into publishing business, etc., etc.) And I think I might like it. I’ll tell you what it’s about when I know. Just because I have an outline doesn’t mean it won’t radically change shape in the next few months.

11. When I say “first novel” I mean the first novel that I think is worthy of seeing the light of day. There are a few practice novels wandering around my hard drive that just aren’t worth salvaging.

12. I justify the fantastic amount of reading I do as “learning how to write better.” The Hub doesn’t see that as justification for letting him take two turns in a row to change a poopy diaper, however. So unfeeling!

13. Hah. I made it to thirteen and said mostly real things. I’m quite proud of myself. Also, new NCIS on Tuesday! Yay!!