1. We got a grill because KidCelt wanted to roast marshmallows. She loved it.

2. KidCelt and I went to the Renaissance Festival. She had a blast as long as there were animals involved. I had fun too, and the hat turned out better than I expected it to.  ToddlerCelt is jealous–thus the attempt on her sister’s life with a plastic rolling pin.

3. At one point, I was going to finish my whole project list by May. I was making good headway, getting through the quilt and the RenFest garb and all of that. But I keep adding things to my list. I think that it’s time I joined Sewer’s Anonymous. Or quit getting invited to baby showers. Below are the shower gifts that actually went together pretty easily: two quilts and a clutch ball (I finished the other clutch ball a couple of days ago, but it’s identical to the one below). Don’t ask me for the clutch ball pattern–my mother-in-law said she has to be dead before I can pass it on. It’s her “thing”–the clutch ball, not the being dead.

4. I’m in the middle of reading Mistborn 2: The Well of Ascension. It’s by Brandon Sanderson and a pretty hefty tome, especially in hardback. The Hub commented that it was a big book and I said something about reading Sanderson is a commitment. His reply? “Yeah, for the whole family!” *blush* So I get a little involved in books when I’m reading! No one’s gone hungry yet.

5. Speaking of hunger, everything tastes better when made on a charcoal grill. The Hub is threatening to be “all grilled out,” but he’s the one that takes over the grill every time I suggest we cook something over it.

6. ToddlerCelt cuteness, Exhibit A: Late one night, TC woke up and said her tummy hurt. We brought her into the room and checked her out–no fever, no chills. We rubbed her stomach a little and she released a buildup of gas and immediately said “Hey! My bottom sings!”

7. ToddlerCelt cuteness, Exhibit B: A couple of days ago, TC was on the couch with The Hub, eating a graham cracker and watching TV. Suddenly she yelped and said “Daddy! My mouth ate my thumb!”

8. I’m ignoring everything I have to do today. Well, except the grading I have left. I really should knock it out. But the dirty bathrooms? Dirty dishes? They shall sit a while longer, methinks.

9. Sorry, I can’t make thirteen. The kids are clamoring for lunch, I can’t find the right kind of pattern for the blouse I have in mind, and they want to watch Little Einsteins. Never mind that they watched Qubo all morning.

10. Signing out!