I got a Valentine from [info]petullant! Hoo boy! That was cool.

And then I was justly chagrined to read that she really wanted me to update my LJ. I suck at the LJ updating, Pet. I always have. 😀 But for you, I will write this entry.

Previously, this is what I had on my project to do list:

   Crochet: Slippers for the girls, a snood for my RenFest friend
Hand Sewing: Attaching eyes for my kirtle and KidCelt’s kirtle, weaving a new belt, making rags
Machine Sewing: redo kirtle skirt (FIX PATTERN!), edge shawl for KidCelt, make red apron, make black petticoat, make cavalier hat
Machine Sewing (does NOT need to be done by February): black shirt, tunic shirt (trial), dress from tunic shirt?, recut pj pants, more jeans, Regency outfit (chemise, stays or pair of bodies, dress), small blue quilt (I’ve got all the right scraps and enough batting leftover from the monstrosity to pull this off)

The crocheting is completed or redacted. Only KidCelt would keep slippers on, I realized when I analyzed the situation, so only she got a pair–ToddlerCelt will have to beg. And demonstrate that she’s capable of keeping her own shoes on. Especially in the car [/old gripe]. And my RenFest friend isn’t all that interested in headwear. Though I did get to looking at my crochet thread and realizing I could come up with some pretty colorful options for myself…next year.

The eyes are attached to the kirtles! I have to re-lace mine with a stronger cord, but I haven’t done that yet. I’ll get there. It’s on my list of things to do before Saturday. And I have to add extra material to KidCelt’s outfit–dang kid hit a growth spurt in between the time I measured her for the outfit and when I actually completed it! The screams of frustration originating somewhere in the Southwest would be mine.

Gave up the new belt idea. Mostly because I have the perfectly functional leather belt from last year. Why repeat my efforts when I have a functional item already?

Rags, done.

And I fixed the kirtle skirt–it doesn’t poof out over my already large posterior anymore. Fixed the pattern too. I’m not going to make that mistake a third time! After I tried it on, I realized that I needed something to go on either side of the lacing to distract the eye, so I dug out some black and purple tapestry ribbon that I had left over from another project. I had just enough to trim each side. There will be pictures later.

KidCelt’s shawl has been edged (I zigzagged about one inch from the edge) and fringed (the zigzag keeps the fringe to an appropriate length). Dropped the black petticoat idea for the multiple lace edge petticoat I made to go under my Halloween dress when I converted it to a pirate dress for my birthday party. And I cut out the cavalier hat Saturday night! I’ve had those project materials for a year now, so it feels good to finally be pursuing it.

I’ve also purchased the denim to make more jeans! I love my pants pattern. Simplicity’s New Look 6710–the girl in the pink pants in the top middle row. Love the pattern–it’s three pieces if you don’t do the pockets. I made two pairs of these pants the day before I went out of state for my brother’s wedding, wore them the entire time, and lovedlovedloved them. I intend to raise the waist a little, and I did have to lengthen the leg, but I’m a tall woman who’s had two kids. Adjustments have to be made!

Projects I’ve added:
I’ve decided I want a frock coat as my winter coat when we move to Lubbock. You see, the winter coats that I can afford and that keep me warm are rather tube-like. I know I’ve shared about my pear-shaped-ness before, which means that a tube does not fit. Not enough room around the bottom, you know. And I don’t like how trenches look on me.
So I’m taking a page from Captain Jack and making myself a frock coat based on the Simplicity Pirates of the Caribbean pattern (4923–you’ll have to scroll down a bit to see the pattern, then click on it to see the coat). I intend to make it out of corduroy and some kind of a lining, maybe a thin flannel. And if I take my time and cut it out right and choose materials that I absolutely love, the coat might last a few years.
I nearly bought a maroon corduroy with maroon stitching on it, but there were only five yards on the bolt and I needed six and a half. I might go back to day and see if it’s still there–I could make the cuffs and the goudets (insertions to make the bottom part of the coat more skirt-like) in a contrasting color.
Dang it. Now I’ve decided I have to go back. There was another corduroy there that was cream with maroon stitching that would be a decent contrast…and they were both on the clearance rack. I just hate to make hasty decisions, because I don’t decide well when I’m hasty.
And I’ll have to figure out how to modify it for closures–the buttons and buttonholes are all faked. The pockets are faked too, but I can just put on some patch pockets under the flaps.

I’ve also decided that I don’t like how my chemises turn out. I was helping another friend with her chemise creation. She didn’t like the examples I’d brought, as they all had collars and she wanted something more feminine. So I directed her to Dawn Duperault’s chemise pattern and helped her get it measured and assembled. It went together so easily that I made one for myself, forgetting how long my arms are. So I gave that one away to a shorter friend and I’ll be making a new one with longer sleeves before Saturday.

In summary, my list of things to do before Saturday:
lace my kirtle
lengthen the kid’s kirtle and chemise
make my chemise. Again.
finish the cav hat

I can do this!

Still in a holding pattern, otherwise. I’ve read some good books, but I really need to get moving now–I promised the kids we’d go to the library today. If we’re going to the library AND Joann’s, well, I have to be dressed in something other than my pyjamas.

So there’s a promise for you, Pet–I’ll be posting about books soon. Then you won’t have to mail me a letter asking me to update. 😀